Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sarah & Tony engaged!

I met up with Sarah and Tony yesterday in downtown Encinitas for their engagement session. Our plan was to walk from a coffee shop to the beach stopping along the way to take some photos, and ending up at the beach right at the "magic hour" before sunset when the light is best. I was planning on spending about an hour with these two but I was having such a great time with them (and they are so photogenic!) that our session lasted almost two hours, we definitely didn't stop shooting until we ran out of light!

Thanks Sarah and Tony for letting me drag you all around (even into the cold water with your bare feet). I had a great time with you two... here are a couple of my favorite images from the afternoon.


Matching vans... how cute!



This one is definitely a favorite!


Tony's in a band and he was talking about how easy it is to get band pictures taken because they just make "scary band face". I couldn't resist having them show me a little bit of the scary face, I think Tony pulls it off a little better. Sarah's just too sweet to look scary :)


When we got down to the beach the light was absolutely gorgeous. There was a ton of fog, which was actually making the light even softer and dreamier than usual. How cute are these two?


And the serious face...


Because of all the fog the sunset didn't quite turn brilliant shades of red or purple, but the yellowy orange was quite nice on its own.




While we were taking this shot....


someone randomly walked up with a bird and insisted that it get to be in one of the photos. So here it is. This is officially my first engagement photo featuring a bird.


And one more image... just for fun...


Thanks Sarah and Tony for being such good sports during your session. I had a great time and I can't wait to photograph your wedding in the spring!


AHS Photography said...

Awesome! The bird pic/story is great! I always love unexpected surprises that like that make a session unique! Love the last one too!

david & kimi baxter said...

lovin the faces sequence. those are some hilarious faces! you rocked these girl!

Anonymous said...

sarah is a very dear friend of mine, and if there was anyway to capture her bright spirit and warm heart, you did iy. these pictures are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

sarah and tony are two od MY best friends and these pics do tell how much they love eachother! I love you guys luv BUTTERFLY

Nate's Wife said...

cuteness! good job katybug shutterbug

amanda reynolds said...

LOVE that last shot....great stuff!