Friday, November 16, 2007

Sam & Tai

Ok get ready because this is going to be a long post! These two were so much fun I had an absolutely enormous challenge trying to narrow down my favorites!

To say that these two were running, jumping, climbing trees during their session would be an understatement. These two were off the walls but SO much fun. They were definitely up for anything and didn't stop laughing the whole time! Thanks for being such a blast to shoot and here are a couple of my favorites.


I've tried to do the "American Gothic" pose a couple of times in my sessions and sometimes I feel like it's getting old, but how often are you going to have an actual farmhouse with actual farming equipment to try to pull it off? Come on I just HAD to do it. And yes, I know she's on the wrong side. Next time I'll read up on my art history before heading out for a shoot :) Don't you just love her face in this one?





I told you that these two were up for anything and I meant it! At one point Tai asked me "Should I get up on his shoulders now?" I figured she meant a piggy back ride... but no. I was wrong. I've definitely never seen this at a session before!


And then of course she had to give HIM a piggy back ride :)


Like I said... running, jumping... Tai I'm sorry but Sam got more air than you. You're gonna have to work on your "jump like a star" pose.


It was hard to get these two to keep a straight face but when they did it was just gorgeous. I love this close up of the two of them.



You won't believe me but this was totally spontaneous. I definitely did NOT tell them to do this. That's just how cute they are!




Sam and Tai thank you so much for being an absolute blast to photograph. You really made my job ridiculously easy and I hope you like your photos!


jamiedelaine said...

Ah--what a fun session!! #3 really sticks out to me. :)

ashley & jeremy parsons said...

you do such great work - LOVE these. each image has something unique and beautiful about it.

RealVeneer said...

These are AWESOME. OMG, OMG, O M G.

Christine Farah Photography said...

Love these Katy!! I especially love the last one from the bottom, just beautiful. :)

david & kimi baxter said...

#3! #3! nice job on these katy.

Shores Photography said...

awesome shots! and such a cute and fun looking couple!

erika d. said...

These really are all wonderful! My favorite is #1.