Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Normandy part 3

Ok, here it is! The last of my Normandy blog posts (but don't worry... still plenty of vacation photos to come... I still have Paris and New York to go!)

The last couple of days in Normandy were very laid back... we went cider tasting and cheese tasting and generally just ate and tasted lots of things :) Along the way we saw some chickens...


and some fake chickens.


We also stopped in to look around a garden which was advertising to be one of the most beautiful gardens in all of France. It was quite nice... although it did seem rather similar to the rest of Normandy (which was all beautiful of course)



Sam got tired of looking at the gardens and instead started jumping hedges


We also got some up close and personal time with some cows. And because I couldn't decide on a favorite I'm posting two cow shots. The one in the second shot has got some serious attitude! I think they were expecting us to feed them.



And last but not least... the farmhouse that we called home for a week. Thanks so much to Ben's parents and siblings for a fabulous vacation! Hope you like the photos.



david & kimi baxter said...

loving the berries shot and that cute lil moo moo cow

jamiedelaine said...

I love that last picture! What a beautiful and relaxing place to stay. Perfect.

Lil'poster said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the cows!!! So cute!