Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Normandy part 2

Ok here goes... part 2 of what will be 3 entries from Normandy...

On our third day in Normandy we drove to Honfleur, a scenic little town not far from where we were staying. The town is centered around the old harbor.



By far the coolest thing we saw in Honfleur was the Maison Satie. If you are ever in Normandy I think it's worth the drive to this town just to check out the museum. Very surreal and very fun!



And while we were in town we happened to notice a street with our name... here's Ben with his dad under our sign :)


One of the best parts of the vacation was having the great farmhouse to go back to at the end of every day and just relax. We spent quite a bit of time playing cards.... hearts anyone?


On our next day we made the drive to Etretat. It was a holiday when we were there so it was super packed with French tourists and their dogs. I'm pretty sure I didn't hear anyone speaking English (other than ourselves) the whole day.


Couldn't resist a self portrait :)




I told you there were a lot of dogs!


Stay tuned for part 3 of Normandy... plus lots of portraits. They really are coming up. Promise!


david & kimi baxter said...

love that shot of the boats! sounded like an awesome trip. glad you guys got back safe :)

erika d. said...

The boat shot is awesome. The diagonal lines just make it seem like something is about to happen!!