Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok so I know I'm blogging this out of order (I have oh so many vacation photos plus some portraits to put up) but I couldn't resist posting because I'm sooo excited about this! My brother Chris proposed this week to his girlfriend Tara. I would be excited for him no matter what but the best part is that she happens to be one of my best friends... no joke... I introduced them back when we were in college!

I am so ridiculously excited (and as you can see, so is Tara). I can't wait for the wedding (whenever it may be) and I couldn't resist taking out the camera to document the occasion. We weren't in town long but here are just a couple photos I took on our quick stopover in New York to visit.


And because I had my macro lens along and love ring shots... I couldn't resist this ridiculous one :)





Congratulations guys, it was so fabulous to see you... good luck with the planning and I love you both!

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david & kimi baxter said...

loving the ring shots! congrats to the couple!