Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Something New

Well I am just finishing up editing photos from my last engagement session and I decided to try something a little bit different on one of my images. I'm usually more of a vibrant colors type of person... but this one seemed a little moody and so I decided to try out a more desaturated look. I have been seeing this look in a lot of my favorite photographers' work so I thought it was at least worth a shot :) What do you think? Like it? Love it? Think it stinks?



david & kimi baxter said...

me likey! the image is awesome too!

david & kimi baxter said...

katy you are soooo welcome to come out to our meet ups! we should be hookin up again early next year and would love to hang out.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it, it most certainly works :)

amanda reynolds

Melissa E Earle said...

Love these pictures and love how you were playing around with your lighting! I completely need to do some of these kind as well!
-Melissa E Earle