Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lighting Fun - More Photos!

Ok well I finally have a spare second to blog! The holiday craziness is definitely catching up to me so I haven't had much in the way of free time lately.

On Sunday Crissy and I brought our gear and husbands out to a park in LA to try out some new off camera lighting techniques. Having spent the morning poring over strobist and trying to memorize some rules of thumb, we pretty much just decided we'd try a bit of everything and see what happened. Trial and error if you will... we definitely learned a lot and we will definitely be heading out again to try out some more fun tricks. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from Sunday.

Marcus and Ben were both supposed to be our guinea pigs models but Ben preferred to be on the other side of the camera helping out with the equipment, so most of the shots we took were of Marcus. Thanks for being such a ham :)





After the sun went down at the park it got absolutely freezing cold, so we decided to move to a new location. We found some abandoned railroad tracks and old buildings... perfect for trying out complete blackness off-camera lighting. (which I must admit is trickier since you have no ambient fill light)



This is one of my favorites!


As we were walking back to the car we noticed a couple of "found light" opportunities, which is what the next two shots are. No flash/strobes here... just a tripod and whatever light was around.



Thanks Marcus & Ben for being such great sports... and Crissy... we MUST do this again soon!


AHS Photography said...

These are great Katy! I think I may need to do a similar field trip! Great idea!

rowena said...

Marcus a ham? Um yeah, somehow I think that fits! #3 & #6 are my faves... such studs! hee hee

Nataly Lemus said...

Great job, Katy! You rocked the off camera flash!

Christine Farah Photography said...

Yay for willing victims I mean husbands! :) These look awesome, let's do it again asap.

Courtney Sprague said...

These are so cool! Your favorite with the guitar is my favorite too! Glad all that work in the freezing cold paid off so nicely! :)

Melissa said...

The last 3 are killer! Love the shadow one!!

Tana Huffman said...

Great job! I love the flare pic!

tracy said...

wah. i'm so bummed i missed out. how fun! these look great katy! :)

david & kimi baxter said...

that last one is crazy cool. awesome stuff katy! hope you guys have a safe and merry christmas!!