Friday, August 17, 2007

Tag ... you're it!

There appears to be a game of photographer tag going around. I was tagged this morning by a fellow Los Angeles photographer Nataly Lemus. The point of the game is to name 8 things about yourself that your blog readers might not know... and then pass the tag along to 8 other bloggers.

Here go my 8 things:

1. I haven't eaten meat since I was 10 years old. Inspired by an episode of Blossom (yes, sad I know) I even convinced my little sister to stop eating meat as well. We've both been vegetarian since.
2. I once was an avid swing dancer (and still have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to the lindy hop!). I was in a swing dancing performance group and even taught lessons in college.
3. I rowed crew in college and even participated in the awesome Head of the Charles race in Boston and the Crew Classic in San Diego
4. I speak French pretty darn well.
5. To go along with #4... I briefly lived in Paris, which is where my husband and I got engaged (talk about romantic!)
6. My favorite shoes are my flip flops, I even got married in a sparkly pair of flips!
7. My absolute favorite food is burritos... yum Ricos!
8. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. Even if I know they're going to be bad I can't resist the lure of John Cusack. Yes I even saw "Must Love Dogs" shameful but true.

And since the game is spreading SO incredibly quickly it's hard to tell who hasn't been tagged. Here are a couple of blogs I follow that I haven't seen a tag post from *yet*

Stacy Cross
Jillian Kay
Emily Allen
Anne Ruthmann
David Baxter
Laura Scott
Eight 20 photography
Zelo photography

You're it!


sdohana said...

bonjour le katy. am i going too fast :) two dollars!!! two dollars!!! i want my two dollars!

Hybrid Photography said...

Oh I still love swing dancing....haven't done it in awhile but I was pretty good for awhile :)

sdohana said...

you tagged me!!

Anne said...

DANG! I think that's three times now!!! ;-) Here's my response...

sdohana said...

sorry about the typo katy i just wanted to see what your name would look like spelled a different way ;)