Friday, August 31, 2007

Star sighting!

starbox lunch

This afternoon I had the pleasure of lunching with a group of wonderful photographers! One of my favorite blogs to check out each day is Jasmine Star, a photographer here in Southern California. She invited me along with some other photographers in the area to head out to lunch to just talk, share stories, and learn from each other.

I had such an amazing time and I'm so happy to have met such wonderful people! Considering Jasmine's quasi-celebrity status (she was bludomain's photographer of the year!) she is amazing sweet, down to earth, and willing to help! Thank you Jasmine for answering my 101 questions!

A special thanks also to David Baxter, the lone male in our group, who brought all the ladies chocolates. What a sweet guy!

In case you want to check out the blogs of the other photographers at the lunch, here they are:
*Amy of AHS Photography
*David and April of Ohana Photography
*Kimberlee of Boucher Photography
*Marlene of Marlin Munoz Photography

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