Friday, February 8, 2008

Emiko & Luke Married!

Wow, Emiko and Luke's wedding at Calamigos Ranch was FABULOUS! I love what I do and I love all weddings, but this one was was extra special for so many reasons. First off, Emiko did all of the flowers herself (amazing) and put so many special touches into the details like programs and hand folded origami cranes for every guest (also amazing). They were also just so in love that they were radiating happiness, which really just made my day :)

I try to keep these posts down to a manageable size but I fear I may have let this one get out of control. Oh well... more for you to browse :) We started out the day with Emiko as she started the transformation from beautiful woman to beautiful bride.



How could I not love photographing a wedding where the bride was THIS excited? I just couldn't get enough of her smiles!


Absolutely gorgeous!




The handsome groom with his groomsmen...


And the happy couple... looking ridiculously cute :)


I love the dreamy light in this one, beautiful light for a beautiful couple!


Ready for the big walk down the aisle!



The ceremony was so touching, but one of my favorite parts about weddings is looking at the reactions on the families. These are definitely two families who couldn't be happier about this union.


Ah details, what can I say about Emiko & Luke's details except for FABULOUS! They did such an amazing job with so many personal touches. I couldn't just pick one to show you... so I picked nine :)


The first dance as husband and wife, and man these two know how to dance! It was some fancy footwork if I ever saw it!



One quick dancing shot... like father like son :)



Awwww love..... so sweet! Now if that last one doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, I don't know what will! Congratulations Emiko and Luke, I wish you only the best in your future ahead. Special thanks of course to Crissy for bringing me along to help her shoot this wedding, I am so glad I was able to come!


AHS Photography said...

I love all the details, the sun on the dress, the gorgeous light, love them all :)

rowena said...

Beautiful work Katy! You really captured the emotion of the day. Her smiles reminds me of your wedding picts, utter bliss!

erika d. said...

the last one IS priceless. I love it.

Emiko said...

The pictures are great Katy! Thank you for helping to capture our big day.

Btw, Luke made most of the origami birds. :)

Emiko said...

Hey Katy this is Luke - wow! I love your style. You (and Crissy) captured us so perfectly.

Nataly Lemus said...

I love them all, especially the details! Great job!

cartoon said...