Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 from the Getty

This weekend my husband and I went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles with one of our best friends from school. I hadn't been to the Getty since we moved to LA so it was a nice treat, especially on a gorgeous blue So Cal day! Perfect for taking photos.


The gardens are one of the best parts of the center. They are completely bursting with color this time of year and it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful and wonderous things everywhere you look!



This is one of my favorite shots of the building. I love the contrast of the bright white building with the gorgeous blue sky. It really was a picture perfect day!


One of the new exhibits at the museum was "medieval beasts" which was a collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts. They were kept in glass cases in a very dimly lit room. Very cool stuff!



One of the main reasons for our visit was to see Tim Hawkinson's exhibit Uberorgan. It is a massive organ made from ... well... junk. And it's very cool! Ever since seeing a collection of Tim Hawkinson's work at the Whitney museum in New York a couple of years ago he's been one of my favorite artists. This piece did not disappoint!


Because the whole complex is clad in bright white stone and metal panels it can get a little bit overwhelmingly bright! Luckily the entrances are all stocked with bins of umbrellas to shade and help with the glare. It was hilarious to see the gardens swarming with these.



And last but not least, what happens when you put 3 architects in a Richard Meier building? Of course they start examining the joints in the stone veneer to see how it's attached. So nerdy but that's why I love them!


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